John Krieger

It was very hard to select only 30 films from those listed as I would consider 40-45 of them masterpieces. I found it surprising that so many acknowleged classics were on the list, such as "The Childhood of Maxim Gorky", which placed high on the Sight & Sound polls of 1952 and 1962, and, even more so, "The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums", which cracked the top 25 in the last poll of 2002. Four of the films named are among my absolute favorites, (say, top 80), so I put them first on the list. Next, I took advantage of the suggestion to name one's own films, and since I could only pick ten, I went through my own personal list of 500+ film masterpieces and chose the ten that had received the fewest votes on IMDb. That made a total of 14. As for the remaining 16, I did the best I could with the list, more or less arbitrarily gleaning a little less than half from those that I would have wanted to have included.

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