Allen Stewart

Allen Stewart is the webmaster and statistical analyst at the Phi-Phenomenon, which analyzes greatest film lists to identify different tastes in films and produce a master list of the 2,200+ best films of all time. Stewart's analyses have shown that he has an idiosyncratic taste in film.

I imagine that I had the same problem many people faced in responding to this poll. I have seen a fair number of films that are not widely seen, but they are probably not the same films that other potential respondents have seen and (with 12 exceptions) not the films on the ballot. Any film seen by a large number of respondents would probably have accumulated 1,000 or more votes and thus be ineligible. I can come up with ten write-in votes fairly easily, and I like five of the twelve films on the ballot that I have seen.

Write-in Votes:

I have seen a dozen films on the ballot. I have mixed feelings about or dislike seven of them. I do like the following five films:

For voting purposes, the ballot should probably be cut off here. If I must go to 30 votes, I would have to consult the master list at the Phi-Phenomenon for the highest ranking films on the ballot. Below are the 15 highest ranking films from the ballot (actually 15 of the top 16 as Xala would be among the top 15). (N.B. these 15 films have not been included in the final tally)

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